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Our strategies and solutions are scalable to fit the fastest growth for your company in achieving your vision and help you to see new horizons for it. We base our modeling on ROI so that the best-result systems are implemented with the priority that ensures the continuous development of your business.

The unique multidisciplinary approach in the assessment of your business is only the first step in the way we approach the work we do for your company. Your organization can count with a team of professionals of various backgrounds offering a unique approach that will help discover opportunities difficult to notice under other circumstances. Our methodology ensures that the consulting process adds value from the exploratory phases.

Facebook Insights reach

How and what we think about reach and frequency is changing.

Traditional media is measured, has always been measured, using reach and frequency, how many and how often. The cost to buy either is high; purchased together the cost is often exorbitant. Consider the extreme example of an ad during the super bowl: with a reach of millions, the frequency is usually just once. Saturation in traditional media is often only a luxury for those with deep pockets.

Jose Albis interviews Mike Stelzner Author of Launch

Building a successful Social Media Community is the most valuable asset for your business. “How do I do that?” is one of the most often asked and misunderstood issue for Business owners and online Marketers today.

Mike Stelzner, Founder of Social Media Examiner and author of his new book “Launch” discusses his principles and explains in depth ‘How To’ approach to building your social media community. His experience comes via a Magna Cum Laude from the School of Hard Knocks’- practical real world experience.

He explains how to use his Elevation Principle to launch your business like a Rocket Ship. The formula is:


Contacting Facebook is almost impossible. Imagine being one of thousands trying to make human contact every day with The Social Network. One sure way we discovered, however, was to go in person. It was a priceless, fascinating trip. And we returned with a deeper understanding of Facebook beyond expectation. 

social media community for small business

Building community for a small business is done with three repeating steps and one vital insight. However, you must first determine if building a community is right for your small business. Building a social media community represents a long-term commitment of both time and resources with a specific return – it builds your brand.

If your goals and objectives in social media do not yet include building your brand, and are about finding partners, recruiting talent, or attracting customers, joining a community is a much better option. Joining a community is about building a network. It is easier, has a lower cost, and does a much better job of meeting certain objectives.

Facebook News Feed Posting Mistake

When it comes to posting on Facebook, there are many guidelines around being effective. When a mistake is made, the consequence is often only the wasting of time or an opportunity lost. However, some guidelines can save your organization from embarrassment and a significant loss of brand reputation and equity.

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