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The Facebook Mistake Your Fans May Enjoy a Lot...and Unlike!

Facebook News Feed Posting Mistake

When it comes to posting on Facebook, there are many guidelines around being effective. When a mistake is made, the consequence is often only the wasting of time or an opportunity lost. However, some guidelines can save your organization from embarrassment and a significant loss of brand reputation and equity.

What you communicate through Facebook is a representation of your brand. It should be drafted carefully and verified thoroughly before posting. Even though deleting an error from the News Feed is relatively easy, an errant post will remain in the minds of your fans for a significant period. And it is in the minds of your fans where your brand is defined.

The easy answer for businesses online is to implement instant, simplistic, or cheap solution. Some even manage to combine all three. Reposting content is a common tactic, and following a few simple guidelines will considerably mitigate the risks to your brand.

The basic checklist for posting articles from other sources is simple:

  1. Read what you are going to post. Really, read it all!

  2. If the source is new or unfamiliar, research them.

  3. Make sure the message of the article is aligned with your brand goals, values, and principals.

  4. And before you post, read it again!


Don't just read a title and post it on your wall. It could be a joke.


Facebook Posting Mistake on Content

*The rules above may well work for you